Auto+Glam Seminar is Back!

You read that right, Automotive Glamour Seminar is back this time in the fall season. Join us once more in Houston as our instructors show you hands on their approach to shooting and retouching automotive and glamour photography. Get insights on the industry and the business over a 3-day seminar featuring exotic cars and top level glamour models.

Auto+Glam Seminar III is now open for registration, stay tuned for more updates!

Shoot-Out III

Auto+Glam is back to bring you another unique opportunity to add some automotive glamour work to your portfolio. Join us for the third Exotics+Models Shoot Out hosted by the Auto+Glam Seminar hosts Alex Ventura & Nino Batista featuring some high-end vehicles in a private automotive shop with select models.

We decided to run a special registration fee for this event at only $130. Photographers spots are limited so sign up now!

For more info, visit

Heidi Jo Enters the Auto+Glam Seminar

You may have already guessed this model for our line-up, as she’s been featured in some of the Auto+Glam promos as well as being one of the Spekture Syrens. Well, we are happy to say it’s official: Heidi Jo will be with us for Saturday’s model line-up!

Heidi Jo is an experienced bikini and fitness competition model with several awards under her rein. Additionally, she also does pin-up and cosplay modeling when she’s not working out. Did we mention she’s been heavily published. Recently, she was crowned Miss HIN Houston at Hot Import Nights Car Show in Houston.


There Will Be Porn

Julaporn Facebook | Instagram

Yes, you read that right, but no it’s not exactly what you think. The Auto+Glam Seminar will have Porn for Saturday’s model line up, but that’s just her nickname. Why? Well her name is Julaporn but its fun to snicking and laugh like little boys when calling her Porn and making jokes throughout the day. No, it doesn’t get old either.

Recently the instructors headed out of state again and spent a weekend of working with her. She was an absolute pleasure and very experience in her short time in modeling. Big things are coming for this aspiring model, and we just had to have her join us. What can we say, “everyone loves porn.”


Auto+Glam Connects With Cheyenne Cummings

Cheyenne Cummings Facebook | Instagram

The latest addition to the Spekture Syrens now joins the Auto+Glam Seminar! Cheyenne is the winner of the Spekture Syren Search contest and has been added to the model line-up for Saturday. Things just keep getting better, no?

Like many of our other models for the seminar, Cheyenne is a highly published model as well, including Playboy Plus. Hey, we promised talented and superb models, didn’t we? When she’s not busy modeling, she also participates in fitness competitions. Welcome Cheyenne!


Auto+Glam Welcomes Jessika Lyn

Jessika Lyn

You knew it was coming… the next model announcement for the 2017 Houston Auto+Glam Seminar! Welcome international bikini model Jessika Lyn to Sunday’s model line-up. Jessika has a background in both fashion and glamour modeling in her years of experience. She has also competed in the international finals for Swimsuit USA in both 2014 and 2016.

Jessika has recently worked with both instructors, producing some amazing work. So of course we had to invite this red hot firecracker to the party. Are you ready?

Auto+Glam Adds Cindie Louu


That’s right, internationally published and traveling model Cindie Louu joins the Automotive Glamour Seminar for Sunday’s model line-up. Cindie is petite, but her experience in the modeling industry isn’t. With multiple publications under her career, including Playboy Plus, this glamour and fashion queen also has experience as a promo model along with many of our other models. Like them, she is also a Spekture Syren.

The list continues: Cindie holds the title for Top 10 in both Swimsuit USA and Tropic Beauty World. Cindie is no stranger to the Auto+Glam instructors either; she has worked with Nino multiple times including some of his other events as well as a featured model in Alex’s 2017 Autos & Models Calendar. Just prepare yourself, she’s full of energy and is ready to shoot!

Returning Models for Houston 2017

We are happy to announce that models Kathrine Haus and Hannah Rae will be returning to the 2017 Automotive Glamour Seminar in Houston, TX. Both models are highly in-demand in glamour and promo modeling, and are experts at posing with vehicles.


Facebook | Instagram
Hannah Rae is a glamour and fitness model based out of the Houston area that is also into fast cars. She is an official Spekture Syren, and may also have her show winning turbo Mustang she drives from time to time.


Facebook | Instagram
Kathrine Haus is a published model and car enthusiast based out of College Station that frequently visits Houston. Kathrine is also one of the official Spekture Syren brand ambassadors.

Auto Glam Returns to Houston!


The best educational automotive & glamour photography seminar in the country returns to Houston for 2017! Get ready for an amazing 3 day experience with industry professional glamour models and two touring photographers who also happen to be Fstoppers writers.

Both instructors are known for their amazing glamour and automotive photography work. Join them to gain insight in the industry, marketing, and more in this unique seminar. Stay tuned for more!